Our Board

Board of Directors Affiliation
Ken Rubin, President Bonded Collection Corporation – Chief Executive Officer
Beth Hull, Vice President Community Volunteer
Mel Newman, Treasurer Schoenberg, Finkel, Newman, & Rosenberg, LLC – Partner
Kathy Chwiecko ADP – Vice President, Up-Market Services
Jim Hanig* Hanig & Company – Owner (Retired)
Leslie Hyman District 113 Board of Education – Past President
Marybeth Kravets Chicago Scholars – Executive Director for Program Development
Matt Laughton Constellation Brands – Vice President, Supply Chain Planning
Richard Levy Victory Park Capital Advisors, LLC – Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Kathy McKenna Global Finance and Accounting Executive
Bonnie Shlensky* District 113 Board of Education – Past Member
Brian Weinberg Fremont Die Consumer Products – Sales & Marketing
 *Past CBO President
Name Affiliation
Dr. Daryl Herrick Township District 113 – Superintendent
Michael Simick Lake Forest District 115 – Superintendent
Dr. William Boyd University of Iowa – President Emeritus

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