Ways to Give

Your support is critical to CBO’s ability to fulfill its mission and engage more Scholars each year. You are helping create a stronger, more vibrant community when you donate to CBO and ensure our bright, motivated Scholars can turn their college dreams into reality.

Join our most loyal supporters when you sign up for the Monthly Giving Club and help students all year long.  CBO makes it easy for you to donate by automatically deducting the funds from your credit/debit account, or you can send in a check on the same day each month.

Matching Gift Programs
Businesses often match charitable gifts given by their employees or they might match volunteer hours with a contribution. Contact your employer to see if you can increase your support for CBO through their matching gifts program.

Stocks & Securities
CBO accepts donations of stocks and securities. To donate please ask your brokerage firm to send shares electronically via DTC using the following instructions:

DTC #0226, Mesirow Financial
Account #WMP-006024, College Bound Opportunities

Bequests & Planned Giving
A bequest, or planned gift, in your will or trust naming CBO as a beneficiary is an easy way to help ensure our future Scholars are afforded the opportunity to pursue their college dreams.  A bequest can be a gift of cash, securities or another specified asset. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and your attorney or financial advisor the options available to meet your charitable objectives while providing for your loved ones. As some of the planned gift options may also provide tax benefits to you, your family or your estate, we recommend you consult with your legal and/or financial advisor to develop a personalized plan of giving.

College Bound Opportunities
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Life insurance
Life insurance policies are another asset suitable for a planned gift to CBO.  By donating a paid-in-full life insurance policy or designating CBO as a beneficiary of a new policy, you can help ensure continuity in CBO’s efforts to fulfill college dreams long into the future.

Retirement Assets
Retirement assets may be one of the best assets to transfer as a charitable contribution because of their specific characteristics. In many cases, retirement assets can be the highest taxed asset of an estate, and a beneficiary may have to pay income tax on distributions received. Please consult your legal and/or financial advisor about the gifting of any type of retirement asset, profit sharing plan, a 401(k) or 403(b), or an IRA before taking action. You can make a tax-efficient gift and help CBO scholars through a Charitable IRA.



When you donate to CBO, you are changing a life and impacting someone's future.

Make a difference!

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